Hi! I’m Kenneth Transier. I am a product-focused software engineer versed in both web and mobile development based in Seattle, WA. Here’s some of the things I’ve built:

  • Led the development of Blue Bottle Coffee’s flagship iOS application, working to build the technical roadmap, architect the iOS client and launch to all cafes in the U.S. within 6 months

  • Built the Crisis Tracker, a real-time crisis mapping application run by Invisible Children, broadcasting attacks by the Lord’s Resistance Army on civilians from 75 early-warning radios in central Africa

  • Led the launch of the Beer Scanner, a machine learning initiative from Tavour that aimed to make searching for a craft beer 10x faster using label recognition. Worked to integrate MLModels with a React Native frontend and developed a method of generating synthetic beer label images that opened the door to 90% recognition of all beers in the U.S.

You can reach me at [email protected]. Here’s my current resume.